Devil's Tower


Devil's Tower is a game that I started building late in 2019, inspired by two of my favorite retro games, Diablo II and Solstice for NES. It was an isometric dungeon crawler with puzzles. I started building the game in Unity, and my intention was to create a Kickstarter campaign and then publish it on Steam. I created an LLC game company, Iron Heart Games, and Devil's Tower was going to be my first title. I loved every minute of it.

Although most of the pixel art was created by @Raysixx_, I did quite a bit of pixel art myself as well, and loved it.

I used 3d animated models and custom shaders that I wrote to create the pixelated hero animations and monster animations.

In the end, I decided to put it on hold to pursue starting Uiflow, a visual low-code developer platform, in 2020.

Will I ever return to finish it? Maybe some day.


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